Who is the person behind Build STR Wealth?

Who is the person behind Build STR Wealth?

Let me introduce you to Bill Faeth

  • Bill has been involved in real estate for almost 25 years with both the commercial and residential investing. In 2015 he switched the majority of his residential portfolio to short term rentals from long term after seeing an opportunity to increase profit and reduce risk.
  • Bill currently has a multi-million dollar portfolio of short term rental properties primarily located in vacation rental markets with a focus on beach, lake, and mountain properties.
  • He has leveraged years of successful business growth strategies to specialize in maximizing vacation rental profits by turning $50,000 annual revenue properties into $90,000 properties yielding high profit via self management.
  • Bill shares these profit boosting strategies along with how to self manage, holding real estate, and so much more so you can build your short term rental wealth while your guests make your mortgage payments.

I built my
dollar portfolio and I want to help you do the same

I wasn’t gifted a trust fund or a boat load of cash. I have made prudent financial decisions in all of my businesses to allow me the opportunity to invest. It started 25 years ago and continues to this day. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. This is about rolling up your sleeves, doing the work, being unique, and watching the profits roll in.

How I Turned a $55,000 a Year STR into a $90,000 Profit Machine - The Bella Vista Case Study

Bill and his wife Brea flew down to Gulf Shores, AL, to look at investment properties to also use as a family beach house. This was Bill’s first time to Gulf Shores, but he had already done plenty of research and knew the market would yield more affordable homes with better proximity to the beach then further East down the Gulf in Destin and Seaside, FL.

On this one day trip to Gulf Shores, Bill and Brea looked at ten houses that were beachfront as well as 2nd and 3rd tier homes, but they immediately knew which one checked all the boxes after being inside the home for less than two minutes.

 That night before they boarded their flight back to Nashville, they made a $10,000 over full asking price offer of $645,000 as there were multiple offers on the table. The next morning they found out they had won the bidding war and were on their way to purchasing Bella Vista.

Simple Steps To Increase STR Profit



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Participate and learn from other's in the group. Ask great questions and provide value to other members. Give as much as you get.
Skip the trials and tribulations and pass by the noise to practical and actionable advice and training in the AirBNB Profit Booster Course.

FREE PDF: 7 Golden Rules for Airbnb Hosts

This free PDF shows you rules to help you invest, make more profit, and get better reviews… while building longterm wealth. Follow these proven rules to make more profit from your property. Your short term rental can and should earn more.

What People Say About Build STR Wealth and Bill

“Hey Bill, I know we haven’t met in person yet, but I wanted to thank you. I spent most of 2018 in a funk and you have motivated me to get back at it. In the last few months I have made some big changes and have a whole new work ethic. Thanks again, hope to meet someday!”

John Guerrieri

John Guerrieri


“I spoke with Bill Faeth yesterday morning at length. He had some great insight about building value and knowing my true costs. On another note, I am not a client of Bill. Bill truly cares. The fact he called me at 7am on a Saturday morning is a testament to that. Lost of so-called gurus out there… Bill is the real deal. I very well might be a client now.”

Mark Kini

Mark Kini


“Bill, I want to thank you for all you have taught me in business. The knowledge and wisdom you have imparted upon me have been a great help and support. I believe my success is for the most part due to your sincere support and mentorship. You have been an excellent mentor and a great inspiration for me. You have inspired me to pursue my goals with hard work and dedication.”

Mark Luxe

Mark Luxe

New Jersey

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